Prof. Suresh Kumar
Hony. Executive Director

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Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Hony. Member-Secretary

About Vision India Research Centre

Vision India Research Centre (VIRC) is a non-profit organization established under the Bharti Education and Development Society, Delhi ( which is registered with the Registrar of Societies, Delhi under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 vide registration no. S-24698 dated 24.08.1993.

It functions like a ‘Think Tank’ to explore constructive and practicable solutions to the contemporary problems with futuristic approach. It provides a platform for academicians, authors, advocates, retired government officials, students, social activists and other enthusiastic men and women from all walks of life to discuss and debate issues pertaining to socio-political, educational and economic development of India. It shall endeavour to undertake projects of research, studies and surveys; publish papers and reports; and offer suggestions for formulating and implementing policies and programmes of government and non-government organizations.

Vision and Mission

The VIRC has the vision of a peaceful, progressive and harmonious society in India based on equality, liberty and fraternity as dreamed of by the framers of the Constitution. It is of the view that at the time of independence with many good things India also inherited evils of communalism, casteism and gender discrimination. It believes that political democracy and economic development will not be able to make India great in realistic manner as long as Indian society suffers from these evils.

The mission of VIRC is to contribute for removing social evils, strengthening democracy, and promoting social harmony. It will strive to find out as to why India suffered on various fronts in the past and how to handle prevailing problems and avoid miseries in the future. The paramount aim is to work for making India a developed nation and a better place to live.

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